Aeromexico Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Los Angeles Airport Contact Aeromexico Airline



1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States


33.9454269, -118.3943959


















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Terminal Of Aeromexico Airline LAX Airport

Aeromexico operated from Terminal 2 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Visit the official website of Aeromexico or LAX Airport’s website for current information on terminal assignments.

Arrival Terminal : Terminal 2 or 3
Departure Terminal : Terminal 2 or 3

Ticket Booking Counter Aeromexico Airline At Los Angeles International Airport

To find Current location of the Aeromexico ticket booking counter at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) here is guidelines.Airports typically have clear signage and information desks to help passengers locate the ticket booking counters for different airlines. When you arrive at LAX, you can follow the signs or ask airport staff for directions to the Aeromexico ticket booking counter. If you want to be extra prepared before your trip, you can check the official website of Los Angeles International Airport or Aeromexico for any updates on terminal locations and services offered at the airport. Additionally, you can also find this information by contacting Aeromexico’s assistance staff.

About Aeromexico Airline Los Angeles International Airport

Aeromexico is a Mexican airline that serves Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) among other destinations. Aeromexico is the flag carrier airline of Mexico, and it is one of the largest airlines in the country. It operates both domestic and international flights to various destinations around the world. LAX is one of the busiest airports in the United States and serves as a major gateway for international and domestic travelers. It is located in Los Angeles, California. Aeromexico operates flights from LAX to several destinations in Mexico and other countries, including cities in Central and South America, Europe, and Asia.   Aeromexico operated from Terminal 2 at LAX.   Aeromexico provides various services to its passengers, including in-flight entertainment, onboard meals, and a frequent flyer program called “Club Premier.”

FACTS and Information Los Angeles International Los Angeles Airport

Airport Name Los Angeles International Airport
Terminals 9 passenger terminals, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Airport Address 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, Aeromexico States
Distance From Main City 12 miles (30 km) Downtown Los Angeles
Total Flights 182 Destinations In 41 Countries and 107 Domestic Flights
Airport Website
Status Open For Commercial Flights
Type International Flights
City Los Angeles
Country Aeromexico States
Airport Time Zone (GMT-7)
Contact Number 1 855-463-5252
Land Area 2 ,598 acres Acres
Longitude 33.9416° N
Latitude 118.4085°W
Zip code 90045
Activation date December 2, 1939
Elevation 6 m
Length Of Runway 24R/6L is 8,926 feet

LAX Airport Check In Aeromexico Airline

Aeromexico’s check-in counters at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) were located at Terminal 2. However, it’s important to verify this information with the airline or the airport directly as terminal assignments and procedures may change over time.

When you arrive at LAX for your Aeromexico flight, follow the airport signs to Terminal 2. Inside the terminal, you should find Aeromexico’s check-in counters where you can complete the check-in process, drop off your baggage (if applicable), and receive your boarding pass.

For a smooth check-in experience, consider the following tips:

  1. Arrive Early: Arrive at the airport with plenty of time before your flight’s departure to allow for check-in, security screening, and other formalities.
  2. Online Check-In: Some airlines, including Aeromexico, offer online check-in services, which allow you to check in and obtain your boarding pass before arriving at the airport. This can save you time and make the process more convenient.
  3. Travel Documents: Make sure you have all the required travel documents, including your passport, visa (if applicable), and any other necessary identification or travel permits.
  4. Baggage Allowance: Familiarize yourself with Aeromexico’s baggage policies and ensure that your luggage meets the requirements regarding size, weight, and number of bags allowed.
  5. Security Screening: Be prepared for security screening at the airport. Avoid carrying prohibited items in your carry-on luggage, and follow the guidelines provided by the airport security personnel.

Aeromexico Airline LAX California Airport Lounges

Aeromexico operated a lounge at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for its premium passengers. However, please note that lounge access and amenities can change over time, so You have to Check with Aeromexico or LAX Airport for the most up-to-date information regarding their lounges and access policies.

As of my last update, here are some general details about Aeromexico’s lounge at LAX:

Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge (MEX Lounge):

  • Location: Terminal 2, near Gate 22.
  • Access: The Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge is typically available for the airline’s premium passengers, including business class travelers and elite frequent flyer members. Access may also be granted to passengers flying on certain international routes, depending on their fare class and frequent flyer status.

Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge Amenities:

  • Complimentary snacks and beverages.
  • Comfortable seating and quiet areas for relaxation.
  • Wi-Fi access and workstations for business travelers.
  • Newspapers and magazines for reading.
  • Shower facilities for refreshment.

Aeromexico Flights To And From LAX Airport To Other Locations

Seattle (SEA) San Diego (SAN) Kansas City (MCI) Calgary (YYC)
Detroit (DTW) Denver (DEN) Tucson (TUS) London (LHR)
Kahului (OGG) Phoenix (PHX) Salt Lake City (SLC) San Jose Cabo (SJD)
Kailua-Kona (KOA) Austin (AUS) Nashville (BNA) Spokane (GEG)
Tel Aviv-Yafo (TLV) Sacramento (SMF) Seoul (ICN) Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
Kauai Island (LIH) San Jose (SJC) Mexico City (MEX) Cancun (CUN)
Honolulu (HNL) San Francisco (SFO) Edmonton (YEG) Minneapolis (MSP)
Albuquerque (ABQ) New Orleans (MSY) New York (JFK) Papeete (PPT)
Dallas (DFW) Guadalajara (GDL) Monterrey (MTY)
Las Vegas (LAS) Portland (PDX) Vancouver (YVR)

Aeromexico Arrival And Departure Flights No. Los Angeles California Airport

AM4020 AM3557 AM3321 AM3413 AM7399 AM3760
AM3604 AM4502 AM4233 AM4084 AM3929 AM3811
AM4009 AM3098 AM7338 AM3371 AM3908 AM3764
AM3544 AM3739 AM4017 AM3765 AM3876 AM785
AM7875 AM2704 AM3385 AM3575 AM3935 AM3915
AM3140 AM7391 AM3866 AM3392 AM3753 AM7390
AM3261 AM3713 AM642 AM649 AM3532 AM3843
AM4574 AM7336 AM4001 AM3782 AM3694 AM3624
AM4703 AM4011 AM3239 AM4357 AM3438 AM3882
AM4614 AM4206 AM3207 AM4079 AM3612 AM3831
AM3725 AM4029 AM3667 AM4600 AM3526 AM3566
AM3731 AM4024 AM784 AM4320 AM647 AM3570
AM3991 AM644 AM3519 AM3550 AM3907 AM3665
AM5486 AM3462 AM3888 AM5219 AM3805 AM3750
AM4905 AM3335 AM3234 AM3605 AM3819 AM3785
AM3500 AM3236 AM4321 AM783 AM3268 AM3758
AM4203 AM3756 AM7339 AM3621 AM3010 AM7661
AM4089 AM7658 AM3858 AM3380 AM3880 AM3640
AM4375 AM3127 AM3330 AM3668 AM7660 AM3197
AM782 AM4213 AM7659 AM3767 AM3772 AM6701
AM4105 AM4008 AM3306 AM3738 AM3701 AM6184
AM3818 AM4601 AM5692 AM3976 AM3704 AM4097
AM4280 AM4004 AM3480 AM3816 AM3636 AM3082
AM3922 AM6704 AM3572 AM7874 AM3717 AM3671
AM4208 AM3652 AM3445 AM7388 AM3081 AM3419
AM3642 AM3774 AM5225 AM645 AM3571 AM3541
AM3318 AM5384 AM648 AM3277 AM3567 AM4416
AM6702 AM3653 AM4014 AM3393 AM3912 AM3551
AM646 AM4131 AM3324 AM7334 AM7289 AM3933
AM4164 AM4207 AM3037 AM6703 AM3899
AM7389 AM3547 AM3478 AM3914 AM3884
AM3432 AM3646 AM6185 AM2705 AM643

Lost and Found Contact Aeromexico Airline Los Angeles International Airport

If you have lost an item during your travel with Aeromexico at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), you can contact Aeromexico’s Lost and Found department for assistance in retrieving your belongings. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Contact Aeromexico assistance staff: The first step is to contact Aeromexico’s assistance staff as soon as you realize you’ve lost an item. You can do this by calling their toll-free number or reaching out to them via email. Provide them with all the relevant details about your flight, the item you lost, and any identifying information that can help in locating it.
  2. Visit the Airport Lost and Found Office: If you are still at the airport, you can inquire about the lost item at the airport’s Lost and Found office. For LAX, you can visit the airport’s Lost and Found office, which is operated by the airport authorities, not Aeromexico directly. The office is located in the “Arrivals” level of the airport.
  3. File a Lost Item Report: If you have already left the airport, contact Aeromexico’s Lost and Found department and file a lost item report with them. They will record the details of your lost item and initiate a search.
  4. Follow up Regularly: Keep following up with Aeromexico’s Lost and Found department to check on the status of your lost item. Sometimes it might take some time for the item to be located and returned to you.

Baggage Claim Aeromexico Airline Los Angeles International Airport

Aeromexico’s baggage claim area at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) was located in Terminal 2. However, please note that terminal assignments and baggage claim areas can change, so it’s essential to verify this information closer to your travel date.

When you arrive at LAX on an Aeromexico flight, follow the signs for “Baggage Claim” or “Arrivals” to reach the designated baggage claim area for your flight. There, you will find carousels where checked luggage from your flight will be delivered. Look for the carousel number assigned to your flight on the airport monitors or listen for announcements to know where to collect your baggage.

If you have any difficulty finding the baggage claim area or retrieving your luggage, airport staff or Aeromexico representatives will be available to assist you.

Collect Boarding Pass at California LAX Airport Aeromexico Airline

passengers flying with Aeromexico from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) typically have several options for collecting their boarding passes:

  1. Online Check-In: Aeromexico offers online check-in services on their website or through their mobile app. Passengers can check in online within 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. After completing the online check-in process, you can either download and print your boarding pass or receive it electronically on your mobile device. Online check-in is a convenient option that allows you to skip the check-in queues at the airport.
  2. Mobile Boarding Pass: If you’ve checked in online, you can choose to receive a mobile boarding pass on your smartphone. This digital boarding pass can be scanned at security checkpoints and the boarding gate.
  3. Airport Kiosks: At the airport, there are self-service check-in kiosks available for passengers who haven’t checked in online or need to make changes to their booking. Simply follow the instructions on the kiosk, enter your reservation details, and the kiosk will print your boarding pass.
  4. Aeromexico Check-In Counters: If you prefer to check in with the assistance of a staff member, you can visit Aeromexico’s check-in counters at LAX. There, airline agents can help you with the check-in process and print your boarding pass.

Seat Upgrade Or Route Change Aeromexico Airline LAX California USA Airport

Aeromexico offered seat upgrades and route changes for its flights departing from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in California, USA. However, specific policies and availability for seat upgrades and route changes may vary based on factors such as ticket type, fare class, and seat availability on the desired route.

Seat Upgrades: Aeromexico provides various options for seat upgrades, including upgrading to a higher class of service (e.g., from Economy to Business Class). Upgrades may be available for purchase at the time of booking, during online check-in, or at the airport counter. The availability of upgrades depends on the airline’s policies and the number of seats available in the higher class.

Route Changes: If you need to change your flight’s route or destination, you may be able to do so depending on the type of ticket you purchased and the airline’s change policies. Generally, airlines offer different fare classes with varying change and cancellation rules. Flexible or refundable tickets usually allow more flexibility for route changes, while non-refundable or restricted tickets may have change fees and restrictions.

How To Make Payments To Aeromexico Airline At Los Angeles International Airport ?

Aeromexico accepted various forms of payment at their ticket counters or airport offices at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Here are the common payment methods you could use to make payments to Aeromexico at LAX Airport:

  1. Credit/Debit Cards: Aeromexico typically accepts major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, for ticket purchases and other payments.
  2. Cash: You may be able to make cash payments for ticket purchases at Aeromexico’s airport ticket counters. However, it’s always a good idea to have exact change, as not all airport offices may be equipped to handle large amounts of cash.
  3. Traveler’s Checks: Some airlines, including Aeromexico, may accept traveler’s checks as a form of payment for ticket purchases. However, this method is becoming less common, so it’s advisable to check with the airline in advance.
  4. Mobile Payments: Depending on the airline’s technology capabilities, they might accept mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other digital wallet options.
  5. Aeromexico Vouchers or Gift Cards: If you have Aeromexico vouchers or gift cards, you can use them towards your ticket purchase or other services offered by the airline.

FAQ – Los Angeles INTL Airport Aeromexico Airline

Aeromexico Airline Los Angeles International Airport Address ?

Aeromexico ticketing and check-in counters were located at Terminal 3 of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Here is the address for LAX Airport:Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) 1 World Way Los Angeles, CA 90045 United States

Are Aeromexico Fly Today From Los Angeles International Airport ?

Cannot provide the current flight schedule or whether Aeromexico is flying today from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Is Los Angeles International Airport Aeromexico Airline HUB ?

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) was not a hub for Aeromexico. Aeromexico’s main hub is located at Mexico City International Airport (MEX), which serves as the airline’s primary base for domestic and international flights.

Is There A Aeromexico Lounge In Los Angeles Airport ?

Aeromexico operated a lounge at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The lounge was called the “Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge” or sometimes referred to as the “MEX Lounge.” Location: The Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge was located in Terminal 2 of LAX, near Gate 22.

What Terminal Is Aeromexico Airline At Los Angeles International Airport ?

Aeromexico operated from Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

How early should I get to the Los Angeles International Airport Aeromexico Airline Check-in ?

When flying with Aeromexico from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), it’s generally recommended to arrive at the airport well in advance of your scheduled departure time. The exact recommended check-in time can vary depending on factors such as whether your flight is domestic or international, your ticket type, and any specific requirements or procedures in place at the time of travel.





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