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Horley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, United Kingdom


51.1537, 0.1821




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Terminal Of easyJet Airline LGW Airport

EasyJet Airlines operates flights from both the North and South Terminals at London Gatwick Airport (LGW).
Arrival Terminal : Terminal N or S
Departure Terminal :Terminal N or S

Ticket Booking Counter easyJet Airlines At Gatwick Airport

EasyJet offers ticket booking counters at both Gatwick Airport's North and South Terminals. These counters are operational from two hours before the first flight of the day until one hour after the last flight.

To find the easyJet ticket booking counters at Gatwick Airport:

  • North Terminal: Look for them in the landside area, Level 0, Zone A.
  • South Terminal: You can locate them in the landside area, Level 0, Zone B.

If you're traveling with easyJet, you have the convenience of checking in for your flight either online or at the self-service check-in kiosks.

Online Check-In Steps:

  1. Visit the easyJet website and input your flight details.
  2. Click on the “Check in” option.
  3. Provide your personal information and passport details.
  4. Choose your preferred seats.
  5. Print your boarding pass or save it digitally on your mobile device.

Self-Service Check-In Machine Steps:

  1. Locate the self-service check-in kiosks within the airport.
  2. Insert your passport or boarding pass into the machine.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Print your boarding pass or save it electronically on your mobile device.

These options give you flexibility and efficiency in managing your easyJet flight check-in process.

FACTS and Information Gatwick Airport

Airport Name London Gatwick Airport
Terminals Two Terminals Name Terminal North Terminal and South Terminal
Airport Address London Gatwick Airport Horley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, UNITED KINGDOM
Distance From Main City 30 miles (48 km) From downtown London
Total Flights 194 Destinations In 61 Countries With 194 Destinations In 61 Countries
Airport Website https://www.gatwickairport.com/
Status Open For Commercial Flights
Type International And Domestic Flights
City London
Country UK
Airport Time Zone BST (GMT+1)
Contact Number +44 344 892 0322
Land Area 674 hectares (1,670 acres)
Longitude 51.1537° N
Latitude 0.1821° W
Zip code RH6 0NP
Activation date 9 June 1958
Elevation 62 m
Length Of Runway 3,316 metres

About easyJet Airlines (U2) Gatwick Airport

easyJet Airlines (IATA code: U2) is a British low-cost airline that operates flights from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) in the United Kingdom. Here's some information about easyJet Airlines and its operations at Gatwick Airport:

  1. easyJet Airlines (U2): easyJet is one of the largest and most well-known low-cost airlines in Europe. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights across Europe and beyond. The airline is headquartered at London Luton Airport but operates flights from various airports in the UK, including London Gatwick Airport.
  2. Gatwick Airport (LGW): London Gatwick Airport is one of the major international airports serving the London metropolitan area. It is located approximately 30 miles (48 kilometers) south of Central London. Gatwick Airport has two passenger terminals: the North Terminal and the South Terminal.
  3. Terminal Location: easyJet primarily operates from Gatwick Airport's North Terminal. The North Terminal houses the airline's check-in counters, self-service kiosks, security checkpoints, and departure gates for easyJet flights. However, please note that terminal assignments can occasionally change, so it's a good idea to verify your specific flight details and terminal location before your travel date.
  4. Check-In Options: easyJet offers several check-in options for passengers. Travelers can check in online through the easyJet website or mobile app, which is encouraged to save time at the airport. Additionally, there are self-service kiosks available at the airport for passengers who prefer to check in at the airport.
  5. Destinations: easyJet Airlines from Gatwick Airport serves a wide range of domestic and international destinations, including cities across Europe and some popular holiday destinations.
  6. Baggage: easyJet has specific baggage policies and fees, so it's essential to review these details on their website before your flight to ensure compliance with their rules.

LGW Airport Check In easyJet Airlines

easyJet Airlines offers several convenient options for check-in at London Gatwick Airport (LGW). Here's how you can check in for your easyJet flight at Gatwick Airport:

  1. Online Check-In:

    • Online check-in is available through the easyJet website or mobile app.
    • You can check in online starting 30 days before your scheduled departure time and up to two hours before your flight's departure.
    • To check in online, visit the easyJet website or open the mobile app and follow the prompts.
    • After completing online check-in, you can choose to receive a mobile boarding pass, print your boarding pass at home, or collect it at the airport.
  2. Mobile App Check-In:

    • Download the easyJet mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.
    • Use the app to check in for your flight and access your mobile boarding pass.
    • Make sure your device is fully charged and ready to display your boarding pass at security and the gate.
  3. Airport Self-Service Kiosks:

    • If you prefer to check in at the airport, easyJet provides self-service kiosks at Gatwick Airport.
    • Locate the self-service kiosks in the terminal.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the check-in process and print your boarding pass.
    • You will need your booking reference, passport, or identification to check in at the kiosk.
  4. Bag Drop Counter:

    • After completing online or mobile app check-in, you can proceed to a Bag Drop counter at Gatwick Airport if you have checked baggage.
    • Staff at the Bag Drop counter will assist you with checking in your luggage.

easyJet Airlines LGW UK Airport Lounges

easyJet Airlines is a low-cost carrier, and they do not typically provide airport lounges for their passengers. Low-cost airlines like easyJet generally focus on providing affordable fares and do not offer amenities such as lounges.

However, London Gatwick Airport (LGW), where easyJet operates some of its flights, does have several independent airport lounges that are accessible to travelers for a fee or through various lounge membership programs. These lounges may offer a more comfortable and relaxing environment, along with services like complimentary food and beverages, Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating.

Air Tahiti Nui Flights To And From LGW Airport To Other Locations

Aberdeen (ABZ) Jersey (JER) Hamburg (HAM) Turin (TRN)
Paris (CDG) Limoges (LIG) Athens (ATH) Bilbao (BIO)
Amsterdam (AMS) Edinburgh (EDI) Bordeaux (BOD) Milan (BGY)
Chania (CHQ) Glasgow (GLA) Pisa (PSA) Ibiza (IBZ)
Faro (FAO) Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Venice (VCE) Paphos (PFO)
Menorca (MAH) Marseille (MRS) Dubrovnik (DBV) Heraklion (HER)
Malaga (AGP) Lanzarote (ACE) Toulouse (TLS) Larnaca (LCA)
Naples (NAP) Basel, Switzerland / Mulhouse(BSL) Gibraltar (GIB) Bodrum (BJV)
Barcelona (BCN) Thira (JTR) Mykonos (JMK) Dalaman (DLM)
Split (SPU) Rome (FCO) Munich (MUC) Malta (MLA)
Nice (NCE) Verona (VRN) Prague (PRG) Catania (CTA)
Belfast (BFS) Budapest (BUD) Krakow (KRK) Sevilla (SVQ)
Corvera (RMU) Nantes (NTE) Rhodes (RHO) Tirana (TIA)
Inverness (INV) Thessaloniki (SKG) Madrid (MAD) Agadir (AGA)
Berlin (BER) Copenhagen (CPH) Tenerife (TFS) Almeria (LEI)
Lyon (LYS) Marrakech (RAK) Alicante (ALC) Sofia (SOF)
Hurghada (HRG) Zurich (ZRH) Olbia (OLB) Milan (LIN)
Lisbon (LIS) Belfast (BHD) Kerkyra (CFU) Ancona (AOI)
Milan (MXP) Isle Of Man (IOM) Las Palmas (LPA) Brindisi (BDS)
Geneva (GVA) Funchal (FNC) Antalya (AYT) Kalamata (KLX)
Kefallinia (EFL) Valencia (VLC) Porto (OPO) Toulon (TLN)

Air Tahiti Nui Flights No. To And From London UK Airport

U2858 U26508 U2882 U28038 U28761 U26431
U28410 U28474 U28622 U28574 U28285 U28531
U28687 U2804 U28302 U28568 U28005 U28429
U28226 U26552 U2894 U28483 U28195 U2807
U28536 U28522 U2868 U26557 U28009 U2861
U28030 U28498 U27196 U28407 U28485 U28477
U28070 U28014 U28094 U28473 U28637 U28487
U28342 U28636 U28526 U28109 U28791 U2819
U28060 U2834 U2846 U2831 U26493 U28381
U28598 U28184 U28673 U2871 U28821 U26461
U28072 U2866 U28528 U28347 U28771 U26453
U26598 U28386 U28512 U28427 U26407 U28079
U28424 U28320 U2874 U28495 U26469 U28623
U2830 U28708 U28488 U28641 U28563 U29483
U28048 U26558 U28418 U28783 U28003 U28325
U2850 U28604 U28638 U28415 U28629 U28743
U28626 U2816 U26474 U2803 U28323 U2869
U28433 U28540 U26408 U28765 U28001 U28303
U29744 U28416 U28294 U28635 U28121 U27195
U28514 U28186 U2840 U28309 U28301 U28095
U28683 U28794 U28675 U28075 U28291 U28011
U28624 U28192 U28472 U28447 U28215 U28289
U28310 U28642 U28630 U28385 U28755 U28527
U28496 U28312 U28304 U2833 U28033 U28597
U26412 U28428 U28002 U28341 U28601 U28315
U2820 U28784 U28490 U2883 U28471 U28529
U2880 U28824 U28108 U2815 U2873 U28513
U28685 U28230 U28292 U2865 U28335 U28287
U26458 U28022 U26486 U26551 U26473 U26403
U2810 U28036 U28010 U2893 U28719 U2881
U26576 U28518 U28336 U28119 U28017 U28045
U28406 U28050 U28720 U28135 U28551 U28313
U26394 U28116 U26494 U28627 U28055 U26413
U28744 U28090 U28596 U2859 U26485 U29641
U28092 U28348 U2862 U28434 U28651 U28676
U2832 U28214 U28084 U28515 U28035 U28085
U28442 U28132 U28254 U28686 U28731 U28535
U26454 U28562 U28560 U28543 U28239 U28523
U28484 U28671 U28130 U28311 U28707 U28025
U28242 U28402 U28234 U28497 U28519 U28099
U26510 U28476 U28102 U2821 U26433 U28243
U28328 U2806 U28120 U2851 U26427 U28333
U26466 U28486 U28656 U2811 U28189 U28193
U28736 U28430 U28558 U28561 U28674 U28083
U28062 U2818 U28218 U28091 U2839 U28107
U28448 U28382 U28660 U28672 U28403 U28393
U26478 U2856 U28222 U28705 U28223 U28067
U28724 U28078 U28106 U28595 U28439 U28207

Lost and Found Contact easyJet Airlines London Gatwick London Airport

If you've lost an item while traveling with easyJet Airlines at London Gatwick Airport (LGW) and need to contact their Lost and Found department, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Online Lost Property Report:

    • Visit the easyJet Lost and Found website, which is typically a dedicated platform for reporting and inquiring about lost items.
    • Fill out the online Lost Property Report form with details about your lost item, including its description, the date and location where you believe you lost it, your flight information, and your contact information.
  2. Airport Lost and Found Office:

    • You can visit the Lost and Found office at London Gatwick Airport.
    • Inquire about your lost item in person, providing as many details as possible to help identify it.
    • The Lost and Found office is usually located within the airport terminal, often near the baggage claim area or assistance staff desks.
  3. Contact easyJet assistance staff:

    • Reach out to easyJet Airlines' assistance staff for assistance with your lost item.
    • Provide them with the relevant information about your flight and the item you lost.
    • Contact information for easyJet assistance staff can typically be found on their official website.

When contacting easyJet Airlines or the airport's Lost and Found department, be sure to provide detailed information about the lost item, including its description, where and when you lost it, and your contact information. Acting promptly and providing accurate details can increase the chances of recovering your lost item.

Baggage Claim easyJet Airlines Gatwick Airport

When you arrive at London Gatwick Airport (LGW) and need to claim your checked baggage from easyJet Airlines, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Deplaning: After your flight lands and the aircraft taxis to the gate, you'll be allowed to disembark.
  2. Follow Signs: Look for signs directing you to the Baggage Claim or Baggage Reclaim area. These signs are typically well-marked and easy to follow.
  3. Collect Your Baggage: Once you reach the Baggage Claim area, locate the baggage carousels. There should be screens displaying flight information and carousel numbers to help you find the correct one for your flight.
  4. Wait for Your Luggage: Stand by the carousel assigned to your flight and wait for your checked baggage to arrive. Baggage handlers will unload the luggage from the plane, and it will be placed on the carousel for passengers to collect.
  5. Verify Your Luggage: Carefully check the luggage that comes off the carousel to ensure it belongs to you. Baggage carousels can be busy, so it's essential to identify your bags accurately.
  6. Exit the Area: After collecting your luggage, you can proceed to leave the Baggage Claim area and continue with your journey.

Collect Boarding Pass at UK EGKK Airport easyJet Airlines

easyJet Airlines offers several convenient options for collecting your boarding pass at London Gatwick Airport (LGW) in the UK. Here are the ways you can obtain your boarding pass:

  1. Online Check-In: This is the most common and convenient way to obtain your boarding pass with easyJet. You can check in online through the easyJet website or mobile app. Here's how:

    a. Visit the easyJet website or open the mobile app.

    b. Log in to your booking using your booking reference or other required details.

    c. Follow the online check-in process, which typically includes providing passenger information, selecting seats, and confirming your flight details.

    d. After completing online check-in, you can choose to download and save the mobile boarding pass to your smartphone or print a paper copy at home.

  2. Mobile App: If you've checked in online and selected the mobile boarding pass option, you can save it to your smartphone through the easyJet mobile app. Be sure your device is charged and ready for use at security and the gate.
  3. Airport Self-Service Kiosks: At London Gatwick Airport, you can use the self-service kiosks to print your boarding pass. Here's how:

    a. Locate the self-service kiosks in the terminal, typically near the check-in area.

    b. Follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your boarding pass. You'll usually need to enter your booking reference or scan the barcode from your mobile device.

  4. Bag Drop Counter: If you have checked baggage, you can drop off your baggage and collect your boarding pass at the easyJet Bag Drop counter. Airport staff will assist you with both processes.

Seat Upgrade Or Route Change easyJet Airlines EGKK UK Airport

easyJet Airlines offers various services, including seat upgrades and route changes, although the availability and specific procedures may vary based on fare types and individual circumstances. Here's what you can generally do with easyJet regarding seat upgrades and route changes at London Gatwick Airport (EGKK) in the UK:

  1. Seat Upgrade:

    • easyJet offers seat selection options, allowing passengers to choose specific seats during the booking process.
    • You can typically select seats with extra legroom or other preferred locations for an additional fee.
    • Seat upgrades can also be available at the time of online check-in or at the airport through self-service kiosks or at the easyJet assistance staff desk. Availability may vary based on the flight's occupancy.
  2. Route Change:

    • Changing the route or destination of your easyJet flight may be possible but is subject to certain conditions, fare rules, and availability.
    • Route changes often involve a fee, and you may need to pay the fare difference if the new route is more expensive.
    • To request a route change or explore your options, you should contact easyJet's assistance staff. Keep in mind that route changes may not be available for all fare types, and conditions can vary.

It's important to note that easyJet offers different fare classes, each with its own rules and flexibility. The ability to upgrade seats or change routes may depend on the fare class you have booked. Additionally, fees and policies may change over time, so it's advisable to review the most up-to-date information on the easyJet website or contact easyJet's assistance staff directly for specific details regarding seat upgrades or route changes at London Gatwick Airport (EGKK).

How To Make Payments To easyJet Airlines At London Gatwick Airport ?

easyJet Airlines primarily handles payments for various services, such as baggage fees, seat selection, and other extras, through their website, mobile app, or at their check-in counters. However, if you need to make a payment to easyJet Airlines at London Gatwick Airport (LGW), you can follow these general steps:

  1. Online Payment (Recommended):

    • The most convenient way to make payments for services with easyJet is through their website. You can typically pay for additional services during the booking process or after booking your flight. Here's how:


    b. Log in to your booking using your booking reference and last name.

    c. Navigate to the “Manage Booking” or “Manage Your Booking” section.

    d. Follow the prompts to make payments for baggage fees, seat assignments, or other services.

    e. Provide your payment information, such as credit card details, to complete the payment.

  2. Mobile App Payment:

    • If you have the easyJet mobile app, you can also make payments for additional services through the app. Log in to your booking and follow the app's instructions to make payments.
  3. At the Airport:

    • If you prefer to make payments in person at the airport, you can visit the easyJet assistance staff desk or check-in counter at London Gatwick Airport. Be prepared to provide your booking reference and payment method.

FAQ – London Gatwick INTL Airport easyJet Airlines

What Is easyJet Airlines Office Address At Gatwick Airport ?

easyJet Airlines typically has operational facilities at London Gatwick Airport (LGW), but it’s important to note that they may not have a traditional office address at the airport for customer inquiries or visits. Instead, easyJet often handles assistance staff inquiries and bookings through their website, assistance staff phone line, and online platforms.

Does easyJet Airlines Fly From London Airport?

Yes, easyJet Airlines (IATA code: U2) is a British low-cost airline that operates flights from various airports in London and the surrounding areas.

Is London Airport A easyJet Hub?

No, London is not considered a hub for easyJet Airlines. While easyJet has a significant presence at several airports in and around London, the airline does not designate London as one of its hub cities.

Is There A easyJet Lounge In EGKK London Airport ?

easyJet Airlines is primarily a low-cost carrier, and they do not typically provide airport lounges for their passengers. Low-cost airlines like easyJet typically focus on providing affordable fares and do not offer amenities such as lounges.

What Terminal Does easyJet Fly Out Of In London Gatwick Airport ?

easyJet Airlines primarily operates from the North Terminal at London Gatwick Airport (LGW).

How Early Should I Arrive At London INTL Airport For easyJet Check-in ?

For domestic flights within the United Kingdom operated by easyJet, it is generally recommended that passengers arrive at London Gatwick Airport (LGW) well in advance of their scheduled departure time.





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