JAL – Japan Airlines Boston Logan Airport (BOS)

Boston Logan International Airport JAL – Japan Air Line Contact Number



Boston Logan International Airport One Harborside Drive Massport East Boston Massachusetts 02128


42.3656, 71.0098


















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JAL – Japan Airlines Terminal Boston Airport (BOS)

Japan Airlines (JAL) operates flights to and from various international airports, including Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) from Terminal E and also using Terminal B, Terminal C. in some cases .

Arrival Terminal : Terminal B,C,E
Departure Terminal Terminal B,C,E

About Japan Airlines (JL) Logan International Airport

Japan Airlines (JAL) operates flights to and from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). At that time, JAL flights at Logan International Airport were typically handled at Terminal E, which is the international terminal.For those seeking relaxation before their flight, JL Logan International Airport boasts luxurious lounges equipped with plush seating arrangements and serene ambiance. Passengers can unwind while sipping on aromatic green tea or enjoying freshly brewed coffee served by attentive staff members who pay meticulous attention to detail.

FACTS and Information Logan Boston MA Airport

Airport Name Boston Logan International Airport
Terminals 3 Names are A, B, and C Terminals
Airport Address One Harborside Dr Suite 200S, East Boston, MA 02128, United States
Distance From Main City 3 Miles /4.8 Km From Downtown Boston
Total Flights 139 Destinations With 39 International (Country ) And 83 Domestic Flights
Airport Website https://www.massport.com/logan-airport
Status Open For Commercial Flights
Type Domestic Flights
City Boston
Country United States
Airport Time Zone EDT (GMT -04:00)
Contact Number 1 800-235-6426
Land Area 2,384 acres
Longitude 42.3638° N,
Latitude 71.0091° W
Zip code 02128
Activation date September 8, 192
Elevation 6 m
Length Of Runway 2,557 feet to 10,081 feet

Boston Airport Ticket Booking Counter JAL – Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) had a ticket booking counter at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). The ticket counter was likely located in Terminal E, which is the international terminal at the airport.

BOS Airport Check In JAL – Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) passengers flying from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) would typically check in for their flights at Terminal E, which is the international terminal at the airport.

JAL – Japan Airlines Boston Massachusetts Airport Lounges

Japan Airlines (JAL) offered its passengers access to airport lounges at various locations, including some international airports. However, the specific lounge access and locations can vary based on factors such as the passenger’s ticket class, frequent flyer status, and the airline’s agreements with various lounges. At Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), JAL passengers flying in premium cabins or holding certain elite status with JAL or its partner airlines might have access to airport lounges. JAL might have used partner lounges or other facilities within Terminal E, the international terminal at BOS.

JAL – Japan Flights Available From Airport BOS To Other Locations

San Diego (SAN) Orlando (MCO) Buffalo (BUF) Tokyo (NRT)
San Francisco (SFO) San Juan (SJU) Richmond (RIC) Seattle (SEA)
Los Angeles (LAX) West Palm Beach (PBI) Washington (DCA) Detroit (DTW)
Cleveland (CLE) Rochester (ROC) New York (JFK) Sao Paulo (GRU)
Raleigh/Durham (RDU) Charlotte (CLT) Dallas (DFW) Miami (MIA)
Atlanta (ATL) Baltimore (BWI) Chicago (ORD) Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Philadelphia (PHL)

JAL – Japan Flights No. To And From Logan Boston MA Airport

JL5887 JL5869 JL5879 JL7454 JL7203 JL7616
JL5448 JL5481 JL7609 JL6356 JL5490 JL7
JL5892 JL5877 JL7613 JL5895 JL6357 JL7455
JL7525 JL7527 JL7452 JL5561 JL5449 JL5862
JL5493 JL7617 JL7314 JL7610 JL7491 JL5480
JL5875 JL7607 JL7490 JL7315 JL7526
JL5491 JL5857 JL8 JL7612 JL7313
JL7008 JL5855 JL7312 JL5938 JL7453

Lost and Found Contact JAL – Japan Airlines Logan International Airport

if you have lost an item during your travel with Japan Airlines (JAL) at Logan International Airport (BOS), you should follow these general steps to inquire about and retrieve your lost item:

  1. Contact Japan Airlines: Reach out to Japan Airlines directly to report your lost item and provide them with details about the flight, date of travel, and description of the lost item. You can usually find contact information on their official website or through their customer service channels.
  2. Contact Logan International Airport Lost and Found: Logan Airport has a Lost and Found department that handles lost items in the airport terminals and public areas. You can contact them to inquire about your lost item and see if it has been turned in. You can find the contact information for Logan Airport’s Lost and Found department on the official website of the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) or the Logan Airport website.
  3. Visit or Arrange for Retrieval: If your lost item has been located, the airport or Japan Airlines will provide you with instructions on how to retrieve it. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to visit the Lost and Found office in person or arrange for the item to be returned to you.

Baggage Claim JAL – Japan Airlines Logan KBOS Airport

Japan Airlines (JAL) passengers arriving at Logan International Airport (BOS) would typically claim their checked baggage at the baggage claim area located within Terminal E, which is the international terminal at the airport.

Upon arriving at Terminal E after your flight with Japan Airlines, follow the signs to the baggage claim area. Look for screens or monitors that display flight information and baggage carousel numbers. These screens will guide you to the correct carousel where you can collect your checked baggage.

Seat Upgrade Or Route Change JAL – Japan Airlines BOS Boston Airport

Japan Airlines (JAL) typically offers seat upgrades and route changes, subject to availability and their specific policies. However, the options and procedures for seat upgrades or route changes can vary depending on factors such as your ticket class, fare type, frequent flyer status, and the specific terms and conditions of your booking.

For seat upgrades:

  1. Check with Japan Airlines: Contact Japan Airlines directly, either through their customer service phone line or by visiting their official website, to inquire about the possibility of upgrading your seat. They will provide you with information about available options and associated costs.

For route changes:

  1. Contact Japan Airlines: If you are looking to change your travel itinerary or route, get in touch with Japan Airlines as soon as possible. Keep in mind that route changes may be subject to availability and may involve additional fees.

When contacting Japan Airlines, be prepared to provide them with your booking details, reservation code, and any specific preferences or requests you have regarding seat upgrades or route changes.

Collect Boarding Pass at Boston MA Airport JAL – Japan Airlines

passengers flying with Japan Airlines (JAL) from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) typically have several options to collect their boarding passes:

  1. Online Check-In: Most airlines, including JAL, offer online check-in through their official website or mobile app. You can check in online, select your seats, and receive your boarding pass electronically. Make sure to follow the online check-in instructions provided by JAL.
  2. Airport Kiosks: At the airport, there are self-service check-in kiosks where you can print your boarding pass. These kiosks are usually located in the terminal near the airline’s check-in counters.
  3. Check-In Counters: You can also collect your boarding pass at the Japan Airlines check-in counters located in the departure terminal. Simply approach the JAL counter, provide your flight details and identification, and the airline staff will assist you with the check-in process and provide your boarding pass.

How To Make Payments To JAL – Japan Airlines At Boston BOS Airport

payments to Japan Airlines (JAL) at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) would typically involve various services such as purchasing tickets, making payments for excess baggage, or handling other travel-related transactions. Here are some general steps you can follow:

  1. Ticket Purchases: If you need to purchase a ticket or make changes to your existing reservation, you can do so through the Japan Airlines website, a travel agency, or by contacting their customer service. Online payment options usually include credit/debit cards.
  2. Airport Counter: If you need to make payments in person, you can visit the Japan Airlines counter at the airport. They should be able to assist you with any payments related to your travel, such as upgrading your seat, paying for excess baggage, or other charges.
  3. Self-Service Kiosks: Some airports have self-service kiosks where you can make payments for certain services. Check if there are any kiosks available at the Japan Airlines area within the terminal.
  4. Currency and Payment Methods: Ensure that you have the appropriate currency or payment method accepted by Japan Airlines. Major credit cards and sometimes cash are usually accepted forms of payment.

FAQ – Boston INTL Airport JAL – Japan Airlines

What Is JAL – Japan Airlines Office Address At Logan Boston Airport ?

Japan Airlines (JAL) may not have a dedicated office or ticketing counter at Logan Boston Airport (BOS). Instead, JAL’s operations, including check-in, ticketing, and customer service, are typically managed through their designated terminal and facilities within the airport.

Does JAL – Japan Airlines Fly From Boston Airport?

Japan Airlines (JAL) did operate flights from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) in the past. However, flight schedules and routes can change over time based on various factors, including demand and airline decisions.

Is Boston Airport A JAL – Japan Hub?

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is not considered a hub for Japan Airlines (JAL). A hub is typically a major airport where an airline concentrates a significant portion of its flights and operations, often facilitating connections between various destinations.

Is There A JAL – Japan Lounge In Boston Airport ?

Japan Airlines (JAL) did not have a dedicated lounge of its own at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). However, passengers flying with Japan Airlines in premium cabins or with certain elite status levels may have access to partner lounges or other airport lounges at Boston Logan Airport.

What Terminal Does JAL – Japan Fly Out Of In Boston ?

Japan Airlines (JAL) operated flights out of Terminal E at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). Terminal E is the international terminal at the airport, and it is where most international airlines, including JAL, typically operate from.

How Early Should I Arrive At Boston Logan Airport For JAL – Japan Check-in ?

It’s generally recommended to arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight’s departure time, especially for international flights.For international flights, including those operated by Japan Airlines, it’s often suggested to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your scheduled departure time. This extra time allows for check-in, security screening, immigration procedures (if applicable), and any other pre-flight formalities.





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