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About BUR Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport, formerly known as Bob Hope Airport and officially named Hollywood Burbank Airport/Bob Hope Airport, is a public airport located in Burbank, California, United States. It serves the Greater Los Angeles area and is one of the airports used by travelers visiting Hollywood, hence its name.

Here are some key details about Hollywood Burbank Airport:

  1. Location: The airport is situated about three miles northwest of downtown Burbank and approximately 12 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.
  2. Facilities: Hollywood Burbank Airport has two terminals: Terminal A and Terminal B. Terminal B primarily serves Southwest Airlines, while Terminal A serves other major carriers such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines.
  3. Airlines and Destinations: The airport offers flights to various domestic destinations, including cities within California, as well as some select cities in the western United States and beyond. Airlines such as Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines are the major carriers operating at the airport.
  4. Passenger Services: The airport provides several passenger services, including baggage claim, car rental agencies, dining options, and parking facilities. It also offers a variety of ground transportation options, including taxis, ride-sharing services, and public transportation.
  5. History: The airport was originally known as United Airport, then Lockheed Air Terminal, and later was named after the famous comedian Bob Hope in 2003. In 2017, the airport was rebranded as Hollywood Burbank Airport to better reflect its location and proximity to the entertainment industry.
  6. Size and Operations: Hollywood Burbank Airport is relatively smaller compared to other major airports in the Los Angeles area. It has a single runway and handles a significant amount of passenger traffic each year, primarily catering to domestic flights.
  7. Accessibility: The airport is easily accessible from major highways and is served by public transportation, including bus services. It provides a convenient alternative for travelers seeking to avoid the congestion often associated with larger airports in the region.

Flights Available Following Destinations From Burbank Airport

Las Vegas (LAS) Denver (BJC) Redmond / Bend (RDM)
Oakland, East Bay (OAK) Reno (RNO) Arcata / Eureka (ACV)
Phoenix (PHX) Eugene (EUG) Pasco (PSC)
San Jose (SJC) Santa Rosa (STS) Kalispell (FCA)
Sacramento (SMF) Albuquerque (ABQ) Redding (RDD)
San Francisco (SFO) Austin (AUS) Colorado Springs (COS)
Denver (DEN) Concord (CCR) Medford (MFR)
Seattle / Tacoma (SEA) Dallas (DAL) Brownsville (BRO)
Salt Lake City (SLC) New York City (JFK) Houston (HOU)
Portland (PDX) Chicago (MDW) Bozeman (BZN)
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Boise (BOI) Nashville (BNA)

Top Airlines Operate from Hollywood Burbank Airport

Southwest Airlines Alaska Spirit Airlines
Avelo Airlines American Airlines Delta
JetSuiteX United Airlines JetBlue

Facts And Other Information Bob Hope Airport

Postal address-2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505, United States
Longitude- -118.359
Contact Number- +1 818-840-8840
Runway:- 6886 x 150 ft. / 2099 x 46 m

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