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7J57+WPM, Doha, Qatar


25.2731, 51.6081




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About FlyDubai Airlines Hamad International Airport

FlyDubai is an Emirati low-cost airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It operates from Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). 

Hamad International Airport is the primary international airport serving Doha, the capital city of Qatar. It is operated by the Qatar Airways Group and is one of the busiest airports in the Middle East. While FlyDubai does not fly out of HIA, there are several other airlines that operate flights to and from Hamad International Airport, including Qatar Airways, the national carrier of Qatar.

It's worth noting that airline schedules and routes can change over time, so it's always a good idea to check with the airline directly or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information regarding flight routes and destinations.

FACTS and Information Doha Airport

Airport Name Hamad International Airport
Terminals One Terminal With 3 Level 0,1,2 and 5 Concourse Name Concourse A, Concourse B, Concourse C, Concourse D, Concourse E
Airport Address 7J57+WPM, Doha, Qatar
Mailing Address : P.O. Box 24659, Doha, Qatar
Distance From Main City 13.3 km (8.26) Km From Doha
Total Flights 173 Destinations with 37 Airlines
Airport Website
Status Open For Commercial Flights
Type Domestic And international Flights
City Doha
Country Qatar
Airport Time Zone DST (GMT+3 )
Contact Number +974 4010 6666
Land Area 2,200 Hectares (5,500 Acres)
Longitude 25.2598° N,
Latitude 51.6143° E
Zip code NA
Activation date 30 April 2014
Elevation 11 m
Length Of Runway 4850 Metres

Terminal Of FlyDubai Airlines Hamad International Airport Doha, ‎Qatar

Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Doha, Qatar, has a single terminal building that serves all airlines operating at the airport. The terminal is divided into different concourses, labeled as Concourse A, B, C, D, and E.

Here is a general overview of the airlines and their corresponding concourses at Hamad International Airport:

  • Qatar Airways, the national carrier of Qatar, operates primarily from Concourse A and some gates in Concourse B.
  • Other international airlines, including many major carriers, generally operate from Concourse C.
  • Some regional airlines and low-cost carriers may operate from Concourse D.
  • Concourse E is primarily used for remote stands and boarding gates for certain flights.

Arrival Terminal : Terminal 1
Departure Terminal Terminal 1

DOH Airport Check In FlyDubai Airlines

FlyDubai Airline Doha Qatar Airport Lounges

FlyDubai does not have its own dedicated lounge at Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Doha, Qatar. However, passengers flying with FlyDubai may have access to certain lounges at the airport based on their ticket class, frequent flyer status, or through a lounge access program.

Hamad International Airport offers several lounges that are accessible to eligible passengers. These lounges include:

  1. Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge: This lounge is exclusively for Qatar Airways and oneworld alliance passengers flying in Business Class. It offers a range of amenities, including dining options, shower facilities, business services, and relaxation areas.
  2. Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Lounge: This is an exclusive lounge for Qatar Airways First Class passengers. It provides luxurious facilities, including private suites, à la carte dining, a spa, and other premium services.
  3. Marhaba Lounge: The Marhaba Lounge is a pay-per-use lounge that offers services and facilities for all passengers, regardless of their airline or class of travel. It provides comfortable seating, complimentary food and beverages, Wi-Fi, and other amenities.

Please note that lounge access availability and eligibility can vary based on factors such as ticket class, airline alliance, frequent flyer status, and lounge membership programs. It's advisable to check directly with FlyDubai or the airport authorities for the most up-to-date information regarding lounge access options at Hamad International Airport.


FlyDubai Arrival And Departure From Airport DOH To Other Locations

Dubai (DXB) Dubai (DXB) Dubai (DWC) Dubai (DWC)

Lost and Found Contact FlyDubai Airlines Hamad International Airport

To contact FlyDubai's Lost and Found department at Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Doha, Qatar, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official FlyDubai website ( and navigate to the "Contact Us" section.
  2. Look for the contact details specific to lost and found inquiries. This information may be listed under a dedicated Lost and Found section or within the general contact information.
  3. Contact FlyDubai's customer service or Lost and Found department through the provided phone number, email address, or other contact options.

When reaching out to FlyDubai's Lost and Found, provide them with all the relevant details about your lost item, such as a description, when and where it was lost, and any unique identifiers. They will guide you through the process and provide assistance in locating your lost belongings.

Baggage Claim FlyDubai Airlines Hamad International Airport

To retrieve your baggage at Hamad International Airport (HIA) after flying with FlyDubai, you should follow these general steps:

  1. Arrival: After disembarking from your FlyDubai flight, follow the signs directing you towards the baggage claim area. This area is usually located in the arrival hall of the airport.
  2. Baggage Carousel: Proceed to the designated baggage carousel assigned for FlyDubai flights. The carousel number will typically be displayed on information screens or announced over the airport's public address system.
  3. Identify your bags: Once you reach the baggage carousel, keep an eye out for your luggage. Verify the baggage tags and other identification markers to ensure you're collecting the correct bags.
  4. Claim your bags: When your bags appear on the carousel, retrieve them promptly and securely. Make sure to check that all your belongings are intact.
  5. Custom Declarations: If you have items that need to be declared to customs or if you're carrying any restricted or duty-free items, follow the appropriate customs procedures.

In case you encounter any issues with your baggage, such as lost, damaged, or delayed luggage, proceed to the FlyDubai baggage services counter at Hamad International Airport. The counter is typically located in the arrivals area. The airline staff will assist you in reporting the issue and provide guidance on the next steps to resolve the matter.

Ticket Booking Counter FlyDubai Airlines At Doha Airport

FlyDubai does not have a dedicated ticket booking counter at Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Doha, Qatar. However, you have several options to book a ticket with FlyDubai:

  1. Online Booking: The most convenient and commonly used method is to visit the official FlyDubai website ( and make your booking online. The website allows you to search for flights, select your travel dates and destinations, and complete the booking process by providing passenger information and payment details.
  2. Call Center: You can also contact FlyDubai's customer service through their call center. They will assist you in booking your ticket over the phone. You can find the contact number for FlyDubai's call center on their official website.
  3. Travel Agencies: Alternatively, you can visit local travel agencies in Doha that offer FlyDubai ticketing services. They can help you with flight bookings, provide information on available flights and fares, and assist with any specific requirements or queries you may have.

Seat Upgrade Or Route Change FlyDubai Airlines DOH Doha Airport

To inquire about seat upgrades or route changes for your FlyDubai flight departing from Doha Airport (DOH), you can consider the following options:

  1. Contact FlyDubai: Reach out to FlyDubai's customer service directly to inquire about seat upgrades or route changes. You can find the contact information for FlyDubai on their official website. Contact their customer service team via phone or email and explain your request. They will provide you with information on the availability, procedures, and any associated costs or conditions.
  2. Visit FlyDubai Sales Office: If you prefer face-to-face interaction, you can visit a FlyDubai sales office or ticketing counter in Doha. They can assist you with seat upgrades or discuss possible route changes based on your requirements. Consult FlyDubai's website or contact their customer service for the exact location of their sales office at Doha Airport.
  3. Online Account Management: If you have booked your FlyDubai flight through their official website, you may have access to an online account management system. Log in to your account and check if there are options to manage your booking, including seat upgrades or route changes. The system may allow you to make these modifications yourself, depending on availability and fare conditions.

Collect Boarding Pass at Hamad International Airport FlyDubai Airlines

To collect your boarding pass at Hamad International Airport (HIA) for your FlyDubai flight, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Check-in: Check-in for your FlyDubai flight can be done in advance through the airline's website or mobile app, or you can proceed to the airport's check-in counters.
  2. Document Verification: At the airport, go to the FlyDubai check-in counters. Present your valid travel documents, such as your passport and any required visas, to the airline staff for verification.
  3. Baggage Drop-off: If you have checked baggage, you will need to proceed to the designated baggage drop-off area after completing the document verification process. Here, you will hand over your checked luggage to the airline staff, who will tag and process it for the flight.
  4. Boarding Pass Collection: After the verification of your documents and baggage drop-off (if applicable), the airline staff will provide you with your boarding pass. This boarding pass will grant you access to the departure area and the aircraft.
  5. Security and Immigration: Once you have your boarding pass, proceed through the security checkpoints and immigration control, following the airport's procedures and guidelines.

It's important to note that these steps are a general guideline, and specific check-in procedures may vary depending on factors such as flight times, ticket type, and airport regulations. It's always recommended to arrive at the airport with sufficient time before your flight departure to allow for check-in procedures, security checks, and any potential queues.

How To Make Payments To FlyDubai Airlines At Doha Airport

To make payments to FlyDubai Airlines at Doha Airport (DOH), you have a few options:

  1. Online Payment: The most convenient and commonly used method is to make your payment online when booking your ticket on the FlyDubai website ( During the booking process, you can choose your preferred payment method, such as credit/debit card or online payment platforms, to complete the transaction.
  2. FlyDubai Sales Office: If you prefer to make the payment in person, you can visit a FlyDubai sales office or ticketing counter at Doha Airport. The airline staff will assist you in completing the payment using various payment options, including cash, credit/debit cards, or other accepted methods.
  3. Travel Agencies: If you have booked your FlyDubai ticket through a travel agency, you can make the payment directly to the agency. They will provide you with their payment options, which may include cash, credit/debit cards, or other accepted methods.

It's important to note that payment methods may vary depending on the specific circumstances, ticket type, and availability at the airport.

FlyDubai Airlines Doha Airport Address ?

FlyDubai Airlines Hamad International Airport Doha, Qatar

Is Doha Airport Shutdown Today ?

To determine if Doha Airport is shutdown or experiencing any disruptions, You have to Check the official website of Hamad International Airport or contacting the airport authorities directly. They will have the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding any closures, operational changes, or disruptions at the airport

Is Doha Airport A FlyDubai Hub ?

No, Doha Airport (Hamad International Airport) is not a hub for FlyDubai. FlyDubai’s main hub is Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What Terminal Is FlyDubai Airlines At Doha Airport ?

FlyDubai operates from Terminal 1 at Doha Airport (Hamad International Airport) in Doha, Qatar. However, please note that airline terminal assignments can occasionally change due to

How early should I get to the Doha Airport FlyDubai Check-in ?

However, as a general guideline, it is often suggested to arrive at least 2 to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights. Arriving early allows you sufficient time for check-in, security procedures, immigration clearance (if applicable), and other pre-flight requirements. It also helps ensure that any unexpected delays or queues do not cause you to miss your flight.





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