Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

About AMA Airport

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport is a public airport located approximately 8 miles east of downtown Amarillo, Texas, United States. Here are some key points about the airport:

  • Named after Rick Husband: The airport is named in honor of Colonel Rick Husband, an astronaut and native of Amarillo who lost his life in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003.
  • Location: Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport is situated in Potter County, Texas. It serves as the primary airport for the Amarillo metropolitan area and the Texas Panhandle region.
  • Terminal Facilities: The airport has a modern terminal building that offers a range of amenities and services to passengers. These include various dining options, retail shops, rental car services, and a business center.
  • Airlines and Destinations: The airport serves as a hub for American Airlines and offers flights to several major cities, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, and Las Vegas. Other airlines that operate at the airport include United Airlines and Southwest Airlines.
  • Passenger Traffic: Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport handles a significant amount of passenger traffic each year. While not as busy as some larger airports, it provides convenient air travel options for the local community and surrounding areas.
  • Cargo Operations: In addition to passenger flights, the airport also facilitates cargo operations. It serves as an important transportation hub for shipping and receiving goods in the region.
  • General Aviation: The airport accommodates general aviation traffic, with facilities and services for private and corporate aircraft. It has a dedicated terminal and runway for general aviation operations.
  • Runways: The airport has two runways. The primary runway is 13,502 feet long and can accommodate larger aircraft, including wide-body jets. The secondary runway is 7,800 feet long.
  • Ground Transportation: Ground transportation options at the airport include rental cars, taxis, and app-based ride-sharing services. There are also parking facilities available for passengers who choose to drive to the airport.
  • Future Development: The airport has ongoing plans for expansion and development to meet the growing demands of air travel in the region. These plans may include infrastructure improvements, terminal upgrades, and additional services.

Flights Available Following Destinations From Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

Austin (AUS) Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Houston (HOU) Las Vegas (LAS)
Dallas (DAL) Denver (DEN) Houston (IAH)

Top Airlines Operate from Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

AMERICAN Airlines SOUTHWEST Airlines UNITED Airlines

Postal address- 10801 Airport Blvd, Amarillo, TX 79111, United States
Latitude-35.2194° S
Longitude- -101.706° E
Contact Number- +1 806-335-1671
Email- Airportinfo@Amarillo.Gov
Runway:- 13,502 Feet

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