Southwest Airlines Denver Airport (DEN)

Southwest Airline Denver Airport (DEN)



8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249, United States


39.8410082, -104.7345652


















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Terminal Of Southwest Airlines DEN Airport

Southwest Airlines operates out of Concourse C Jeppesen Terminal at Denver International Airport (DEN). Concourse C is one of the main at DEN and is used by Southwest Airlines for both domestic and international flights.
Arrival Terminal Jeppesen Terminal Concourse C
Departure Terminal Jeppesen Terminal Concourse C

Ticket Booking Counter Southwest Airlines At Denver International Airport

The ticket booking counter for Southwest Airlines at Denver International Airport (DEN) is located in Terminal C. As mentioned earlier, Terminal C is the terminal that Southwest Airlines operates from at DEN. TYou can locate the Southwest Airlines ticket booking counter at 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249, USA using Google Maps.

The ticket booking counter operates around the clock, seven days a week, providing services for flight booking, check-in, and flight-related inquiries.

Here are some helpful guidelines for utilizing the Southwest Airlines ticket booking counter:

  1. Ensure you have your identification and travel documents ready when booking a flight or checking in.
  2. If you have specific requirements like dietary restrictions or medical conditions, kindly inform the Southwest Airlines representative during your flight booking or check-in process.
  3. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a Southwest Airlines representative for any questions or concerns about your flight.

FACTS and Information Denver International Airport

Airport Name Denver International Airport
Terminals Single Terminals Name Jeppesen Terminal With East And Weat and 3 Concourses A,B,C
Airport Address 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249, United States
Distance From Main City 20 miles (32.1 km) From downtown Denver
Total Flights 213 Destinations In 16 Countries
Airport Website
Status Open For Commercial Flights
Type International And Domestic Flights
City Denver
Country USA
Airport Time Zone MST or MDT (GMT-6)
Contact Number +1 303-342-2000
Land Area 52.4 square miles (136 km2; 33,500 acres)
Longitude 39.8538° N
Latitude 104.6739° W
Zip code 80249
Activation date February 28, 1995
Elevation 1,655 m
Length Of Runway 16,000 feet

About Southwest Airlines (WN) Denver International Airport

Southwest Airlines is a major low-cost carrier that operates flights at Denver International Airport (DEN). Here’s some information about Southwest Airlines at DEN:

  1. Terminal: Southwest Airlines operates primarily from Terminal C at Denver International Airport.
  2. Check-In: Passengers can check in for their Southwest Airlines flights through various methods, including online check-in via the Southwest Airlines website or mobile app, as well as at the airport check-in counters. The airport check-in counters are located in Terminal C.
  3. Baggage Claim: The baggage claim area for Southwest Airlines is also located in Terminal C. Passengers can pick up their checked baggage from the designated baggage claim carousels.
  4. Lounges: Southwest Airlines is known for its no-frills approach, and it doesn’t typically operate airport lounges like some other airlines do. However, there are general seating areas and amenities available within the airport terminals.
  5. Flights: Southwest Airlines operates a variety of domestic and occasionally international flights from Denver International Airport. It’s advisable to check the Southwest Airlines website or contact the airline directly for the most up-to-date flight information.
  6. Arrival Time: As a general rule of thumb, Southwest Airlines recommends that passengers arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before their domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights. This allows sufficient time for check-in, security screening, and any potential delays.

DEN Airport Check In Southwest Airline

Southwest Airlines offers several options for check-in at Denver International Airport (DEN):

  1. Online Check-In: You can check in for your Southwest Airlines flight online through the airline’s official website or mobile app. Online check-in is available starting 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time.
  2. Mobile App Check-In: Southwest Airlines has a mobile app that allows you to check in, view your boarding pass, and manage your flight details right from your smartphone. You can download the app from your device’s app store.
  3. Self-Service Kiosks: At the airport, you’ll find self-service kiosks where you can check in for your flight. These kiosks are usually located near the Southwest Airlines check-in counters.
  4. Airport Check-In Counter: If you prefer to check in with the assistance of a Southwest Airlines agent, you can visit the airline’s check-in counter at Denver International Airport. The counters are typically located in Terminal C.

Southwest Airline DEN Colorado Airport Lounges

Southwest Airlines does not operate traditional airport lounges like some other airlines. Southwest is known for its open-seating policy and focus on providing affordable and convenient travel options, which generally doesn’t include premium lounges.

However, Southwest Airlines offers a service called “EarlyBird Check-In” for an additional fee. This service allows you to secure a better boarding position, which can give you an advantage in choosing your seat on the aircraft. While this is not a lounge, it can be helpful in ensuring you get a preferred seat and more convenient boarding process.

SOUTHWEST.COM Flights To And From DEN Airport To Other Locations

Sacramento (SMF) Omaha (OMA) Reno (RNO) Hartford (BDL)
Los Angeles (LAX) Tampa (TPA) Boston (BOS) Charleston (CHS)
Milwaukee (MKE) Nashville (BNA) Spokane (GEG) Dulles (IAD)
Chicago (MDW) Orlando (MCO) Portland (PDX) Cincinnati (CVG)
Houston (HOU) Boise (BOI) Seattle (SEA) Palm Springs (PSP)
Salt Lake City (SLC) Oklahoma City (OKC) Ontario (ONT) Detroit (DTW)
Albuquerque (ABQ) Tulsa (TUL) Tucson (TUS) Hayden (HDN)
Colorado Springs (COS) Phoenix (PHX) Burbank (BUR) Fresno (FAT)
Dallas (DAL) Cleveland (CLE) Santa Ana (SNA) Montrose (MTJ)
San Antonio (SAT) Des Moines (DSM) Long Beach (LGB) Amarillo (AMA)
Houston (IAH) Belgrade (BZN) Philadelphia (PHL) Richmond (RIC)
Pittsburgh (PIT) Minneapolis (MSP) Memphis (MEM) Grand Rapids (GRR)
Saint Louis (STL) Las Vegas (LAS) Santa Barbara (SBA) Birmingham (BHM)
Austin (AUS) New York (LGA) San Diego (SAN) Midland (MAF)
El Paso (ELP) Baltimore (BWI) Eugene (EUG) Cancun (CUN)
New Orleans (MSY) Jacksonville (JAX) Buffalo (BUF) Lubbock (LBB)
Atlanta (ATL) Raleigh/Durham (RDU) Little Rock (LIT) Miami (MIA)
Indianapolis (IND) Columbus (CMH) Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Bellingham (BLI)
Louisville (SDF) Chicago (ORD) San Jose (SJC) San Jose Cabo (SJD)
Wichita (ICT) Oakland (OAK) Albany (ALB) Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
Kansas City (MCI) San Francisco (SFO)

Southwest Flights No. To And From Denver Colorado Airport

WN1959 WN856 WN5484 WN2797 WN3650 WN2589
WN1813 WN343 WN1532 WN2906 WN4254 WN552
WN2030 WN3559 WN266 WN634 WN669 WN994
WN3639 WN1352 WN1736 WN169 WN2100 WN482
WN3843 WN2493 WN280 WN957 WN42 WN1142
WN660 WN1323 WN3411 WN1038 WN3456 WN3778
WN3244 WN2839 WN331 WN3449 WN3311 WN463
WN175 WN3804 WN686 WN323 WN2415 WN3906
WN2521 WN3113 WN977 WN5677 WN606 WN2779
WN2613 WN140 WN156 WN1584 WN2760 WN2077
WN3889 WN3144 WN3164 WN2568 WN3580 WN333
WN3794 WN3122 WN3653 WN2667 WN340 WN3066
WN3549 WN3666 WN4590 WN1942 WN557 WN512
WN1227 WN432 WN826 WN2793 WN1144 WN1470
WN2654 WN2362 WN298 WN4060 WN452 WN508
WN853 WN1307 WN2042 WN3606 WN2289 WN961
WN3658 WN1190 WN801 WN1474 WN3438 WN2243
WN434 WN2291 WN757 WN1969 WN264 WN471
WN2873 WN700 WN1728 WN1121 WN590 WN2650
WN1357 WN1188 WN3591 WN588 WN281 WN207
WN1898 WN2306 WN116 WN2533 WN1745 WN251
WN570 WN1064 WN1514 WN884 WN2098 WN1937
WN3099 WN2257 WN2273 WN2169 WN3939 WN1576
WN365 WN4124 WN3252 WN3792 WN2022 WN1157
WN1191 WN1827 WN3947 WN1056 WN1910 WN3279
WN3672 WN2856 WN745 WN404 WN542 WN1671
WN1884 WN158 WN2498 WN102 WN3571 WN468
WN2185 WN2019 WN3392 WN674 WN2343 WN2061
WN3661 WN3671 WN1678 WN909 WN528 WN1465
WN2818 WN3133 WN494 WN8500 WN648 WN3915
WN875 WN563 WN199 WN2190 WN585 WN739
WN769 WN3198 WN1944 WN2641 WN5174 WN3464
WN1079 WN2472 WN1266 WN2034 WN3240 WN2112
WN4029 WN1925 WN3202 WN1954 WN1386 WN3356
WN5609 WN1441 WN3250 WN1300 WN1146 WN2765
WN986 WN623 WN100 WN1548 WN3631 WN1855
WN1149 WN1484 WN2161 WN680 WN117 WN3656
WN3521 WN3424 WN2385 WN3640 WN709 WN1
WN537 WN2630 WN2370 WN2328 WN1271 WN2138
WN396 WN794 WN1734 WN1342 WN3192 WN153
WN403 WN350 WN1159 WN267 WN1088 WN1070
WN2494 WN1603 WN1789 WN3503 WN1782 WN1593
WN819 WN2278 WN2693 WN150 WN1700 WN2803
WN3070 WN1418 WN198 WN2584 WN493 WN1754
WN3483 WN2117 WN324 WN2559 WN259 WN2665
WN2345 WN1136 WN2601 WN3436 WN1483 WN1947
WN2513 WN534 WN2095 WN3826 WN578 WN1658
WN1223 WN2392 WN805 WN1311 WN3235 WN1535
WN441 WN2695 WN1966 WN933 WN553 WN1318
WN2853 WN3301 WN1887 WN3619 WN3994 WN141
WN1864 WN2819 WN3788 WN600 WN2562 WN1860
WN3289 WN3608 WN609 WN2723 WN541 WN2378
WN1705 WN1445 WN2804 WN3831 WN2455 WN2857
WN1567 WN2097 WN1399 WN3772 WN246 WN3573
WN2211 WN1926 WN973 WN454 WN964 WN2864
WN3100 WN3547 WN3366 WN782 WN3212 WN389
WN1030 WN2621 WN2596 WN3505 WN1122 WN921
WN2145 WN2775 WN5934 WN3116 WN204 WN722
WN3018 WN2376 WN3993 WN1275 WN3324 WN2751
WN282 WN915 WN362 WN1111 WN2325 WN5059
WN2947 WN2731 WN3181 WN1034 WN657 WN747
WN2875 WN1614 WN2805 WN991 WN3016 WN1260
WN3543 WN2380 WN2226 WN1351 WN3475 WN1097
WN2748 WN2405 WN2617 WN1676 WN1340 WN2646
WN3863 WN3638 WN2552 WN679 WN505 WN2768
WN734 WN255 WN2193 WN1792 WN949 WN2799
WN3307 WN4071 WN3968 WN41 WN2142 WN3693
WN1124 WN1550 WN4170 WN2747 WN2318 WN533
WN1072 WN1265 WN3135 WN3377 WN820 WN4730
WN1560 WN1436 WN1679 WN1095 WN1277 WN2504
WN1331 WN2470 WN3848 WN2216 WN1199 WN2121
WN420 WN3691 WN1544 WN3401 WN1065 WN2653
WN3985 WN232 WN495 WN5265 WN2659 WN277
WN2462 WN3339 WN2202 WN5151 WN1308 WN1220
WN355 WN188 WN6290 WN1184 WN1701 WN1648
WN3079 WN1102 WN426 WN3960 WN3105 WN1391
WN3233 WN4159 WN2311 WN793 WN3635 WN4039
WN866 WN1062 WN345 WN4819 WN1667 WN514
WN2614 WN2341 WN3746 WN1929 WN3577 WN1080
WN1542 WN3476 WN2368 WN8058 WN513 WN4661
WN572 WN3981 WN127 WN1123 WN644 WN4026
WN3245 WN883 WN2452 WN786 WN474 WN3442
WN1627 WN1018 WN2960 WN5188 WN3548 WN2862
WN4190 WN2310 WN2629 WN3887 WN458 WN2059
WN3182 WN3365 WN1405 WN735 WN3683 WN2794
WN489 WN1958 WN2655 WN910 WN3654 WN2881
WN2294 WN1350 WN1163 WN4555 WN546 WN571
WN3537 WN6100 WN2146 WN3345 WN376 WN3437
WN1360 WN2225 WN2035 WN3106 WN3320 WN2705
WN7 WN2599 WN2070 WN2878 WN1457 WN3318
WN2422 WN1759 WN2411 WN3232 WN2597 WN3706
WN2554 WN27 WN2218 WN656 WN2015 WN2832
WN3736 WN3556 WN2477 WN2690 WN1943 WN2972
WN2884 WN1768 WN276 WN3471 WN104 WN824
WN1883 WN1304 WN1187 WN1717 WN649 WN3091
WN2114 WN3485 WN312 WN4118 WN518 WN2776
WN2212 WN6040 WN2821 WN1970 WN417 WN2858
WN1879 WN2677 WN3673 WN3334 WN473 WN2704
WN715 WN1841 WN5571 WN131 WN3622 WN247
WN852 WN5182 WN378 WN361 WN3207 WN1161
WN860 WN3578 WN2208 WN1581 WN2391 WN2398
WN240 WN2355 WN1110 WN1900 WN738 WN2588
WN3150 WN2722 WN2184 WN965 WN3728 WN2849
WN1501 WN2698 WN5009 WN457 WN3103 WN3037
WN1909 WN3131 WN721 WN422 WN3195 WN372
WN1553 WN3127 WN2940 WN3002 WN3354 WN2916
WN1462 WN2709 WN2364 WN643 WN189 WN2939
WN3574 WN4072 WN2283 WN2356 WN2730 WN1534
WN4146 WN2869 WN2905 WN1899 WN671 WN2900
WN2628 WN451 WN951 WN579 WN3229 WN2141
WN2933 WN3383 WN515 WN2908 WN2516 WN1461
WN3504 WN3275 WN1675 WN121 WN2806 WN3389
WN1454 WN1774 WN1282 WN2152 WN3759 WN419
WN1743 WN1688 WN974 WN635 WN667 WN2221
WN8635 WN536 WN1493 WN614 WN1865 WN711
WN2632 WN787 WN1166 WN2010 WN2772 WN2866
WN2173 WN3750 WN1709 WN407 WN3536 WN2834
WN1647 WN3186 WN1118 WN560 WN1076 WN1137
WN1057 WN1294 WN1819 WN3258 WN163 WN2014
WN3620 WN2176 WN3185 WN3231 WN461 WN2582
WN2531 WN133 WN1967 WN383 WN2717 WN2051
WN1096 WN2579 WN2447 WN932 WN2140 WN2925
WN1434 WN3055 WN2733 WN1438 WN479 WN595
WN2610 WN2327 WN5739 WN995 WN3560 WN2135
WN2930 WN1973 WN2054 WN3997 WN3601 WN2063
WN3078 WN2883 WN2203 WN1359 WN2250 WN646
WN3226 WN1723 WN2129 WN2578 WN3381 WN2272
WN1786 WN5115 WN5075 WN1301 WN149 WN2657

Lost and Found Contact Southwest Airline DIA Denver Airport

if you have lost an item at Denver International Airport (DEN) related to your Southwest Airlines flight, you can follow these general steps to inquire about your lost item:

  1. Contact Southwest Airlines: Reach out to Southwest Airlines’ Lost and Found department directly. You can do this by visiting their official website or calling their assistance staff number. Provide them with details about the lost item, your flight information, and any relevant information that might help them locate your item.
  2. Contact Denver International Airport Lost and Found: You can also contact the Lost and Found department of Denver International Airport. They may have a central location for items lost within the airport terminals or public areas.
  3. Visit the Airport in Person: If you’re still at the airport or in the local area, you might consider visiting the airport’s Lost and Found office in person. This can be more effective for quickly locating your item.

Baggage Claim Southwest Airline Denver International Airport

As of my last update in September 2021, Southwest Airlines operates in Terminal C at Denver International Airport (DEN). After arriving at DEN on a Southwest Airlines flight, you would typically follow these steps to claim your baggage:

  1. Deplane: Once the aircraft has arrived and parked at the gate, you’ll be allowed to disembark.
  2. Follow Signs: Follow the signs within the terminal to the baggage claim area. In Terminal C, Southwest Airlines passengers usually head to the baggage claim area on the lower level of the terminal.
  3. Retrieve Baggage: Once you’re in the baggage claim area, locate the baggage carousels assigned to Southwest Airlines flights. The flight number and originating city are typically displayed on screens above the carousels to help you identify the correct one.
  4. Identify and Collect Bags: Wait for your baggage to arrive on the carousel. Baggage handlers will place the bags onto the carousel, and passengers can retrieve their bags as they come around.
  5. Exit the Terminal: After collecting your baggage, you can exit the terminal through the appropriate doors to continue your journey.

Collect Boarding Pass at Colorado KDEN Airport Southwest Airline

For Southwest Airlines, you have a few options to collect your boarding pass at Denver International Airport (DEN):

  1. Online Check-In and Mobile Boarding Pass: You can check in online through the Southwest Airlines website or mobile app. After checking in, you can choose to receive a mobile boarding pass on your smartphone. This digital boarding pass contains a barcode that can be scanned at security checkpoints and the boarding gate.
  2. Kiosk Check-In: Southwest Airlines provides self-service kiosks at the airport. You can use these kiosks to check in, select seats, and print your boarding pass. You’ll need to enter your confirmation number, flight information, or Rapid Rewards account details to retrieve your reservation.
  3. Counter Check-In: If you prefer to check in with an airline representative, you can visit the Southwest Airlines ticket counter at the airport. They will assist you with the check-in process and provide you with a printed boarding pass.

Seat Upgrade Or Route Change Southwest Airline KDEN Colorado Airport

For seat upgrades or route changes with Southwest Airlines at Denver International Airport (DEN), you can follow these general steps:

Seat Upgrades:

  1. Check Availability: First, check if there are any available seats in the class you wish to upgrade to. Southwest Airlines primarily offers a single-class cabin, so upgrades usually involve moving to a better seat within the same cabin.
  2. Contact Southwest Airlines: You can visit the Southwest Airlines ticket counter at DEN or call their assistance staff to inquire about seat upgrade options. Keep in mind that seat upgrades with Southwest are often limited and based on availability.
  3. Pay the Difference: If an upgrade is available and you’re interested, you’ll need to pay the fare difference between your current seat and the upgraded seat.

Route Changes:

  1. Contact Southwest Airlines: If you want to change your flight route, contact Southwest Airlines’ assistance staff through their website, app, or phone. Explain your situation and provide your reservation details.
  2. Check Availability: They will check if there are available flights on the route you want to change to. Keep in mind that availability is subject to the airline’s schedule and seat availability.
  3. Pay any Fare Difference: Depending on the fare rules and availability, you might need to pay the fare difference between your original flight and the new flight.

How To Make Payments To Southwest Airline At Denver Airport USA ?

At Denver International Airport (DEN) or any other airport, Southwest Airlines typically doesn’t handle payments directly at the airport ticket counters for regular bookings. Payments for Southwest Airlines flights are usually made during the booking process, either online or through their assistance staff channels. Here’s how you can make payments for Southwest Airlines flights:

  1. Online Booking: When you book your Southwest Airlines flight online through their official website, you’ll have the option to pay using various methods, such as credit or debit cards. During the booking process, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment details, and you can complete the payment securely.
  2. assistance staff: If you prefer to book over the phone or need assistance with your booking, you can call Southwest Airlines’ assistance staff. The assistance staff representative will guide you through the booking process and help you make the payment.
  3. Mobile App: Southwest Airlines also has a mobile app that allows you to search for flights, make bookings, and complete payments using your mobile device. Download the official Southwest Airlines app from your app store, and follow the instructions to book and pay for your flights.
  4. Airport Check-In: While you can’t make payments for regular bookings at the airport, if you have any additional fees or services to pay for at the airport (such as baggage fees or upgrades), you can make those payments during the check-in process at the airport kiosk or counter. Southwest Airlines accepts credit and debit cards for such payments.

FAQ – Denver INTL Airport Southwest Airline

What Is Southwest Airlines Office Address At Denver International Airport ?

The Southwest Airlines office is located at 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249, USA.

Does Southwest Airlines Fly From Denver Airport?

Yes, Southwest Airlines operates flights from Denver International Airport (DEN). Denver serves as one of Southwest Airlines’ major hubs, and they offer a significant number of flights to various destinations from this airport.

Is Denver Airport A Southwest Hub?

Yes, Denver International Airport (DEN) is one of Southwest Airlines’ major hubs. Southwest Airlines operates a significant number of flights from Denver Airport to various destinations. As a hub, Denver plays a crucial role in Southwest’s route network, providing connections and options for travelers flying with the airline. Please note that information can change, so it’s recommended to check with Southwest Airlines for the most current details about their operations at Denver Airport.

Is There A Southwest Lounge In KDEN Denver Airport ?

No, Southwest Airlines does not operate lounges at any of the airports, including Denver International Airport (DEN). Southwest is known for its no-frills approach and does not offer traditional airport lounges like some other airlines. Instead, Southwest focuses on providing efficient and affordable air travel to its passengers. If you’re looking for lounge options at DEN, you might want to explore lounges operated by other airlines or independent lounge operators that are available at the airport.

What Terminal Does Southwest Fly Out Of In DIA Airport ?

Southwest Airlines operates out of the Concourse C at Denver International Airport (DEN). Concourse C is located in the main terminal building and is one of the three concourses at DEN. It’s important to check your flight information or confirm with the airline closer to your travel date, as terminal assignments can sometimes change.

How Early Should I Arrive At Denver INTL Airport For Southwest Check-in ?

Southwest Airlines recommends that passengers arrive at Denver International Airport (DEN) at least 2 hours before their scheduled departure time for domestic flights. This should provide enough time for check-in, security screening, and any potential unforeseen delays. If you’re traveling internationally, it’s a good idea to arrive even earlier, around 3 hours before departure, to allow for additional time needed for customs and immigration procedures. Keep in mind that these recommendations can vary based on factors like the time of day, day of the week, and the current state of travel conditions.





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